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A pioneer with a responsible vision

Sowing the seeds towards global sustainable tourism

For more than 60 years, sustainability has been part of the Club Med DNA. Throughout our history, we’ve forged a strong belief: **the moments of happiness we offer to our guests are to be shared; they cannot be experienced at the expense of others or of n…


Currently 74% of our resorts worldwide have been awarded “Green Globe Certified” for Sustainable Tourism, including Club Med Bali, Club Med Cherating Beach, Club Med Phuket, and many more!

The “Green Globe Certification” is the highest and most thoroughly tested standard of responsible -tourism; an annual review of sustainable practices across all aspects of business from training and recruiting staff, to food and energy wastage, resort construction and biodiversity preservation, including the preservation of local culture of the surrounding communities.

Our aim is to have all of our resorts certified in the near future.


We’re progressively eradicating single-use plastic items from all our resorts worldwide, to reduce our footprint and keep the ocean clean.

Did you know that out of the 8 million tonnes of plastics dumped in the ocean each year, more than half comes from Asia?

Therefore we’ve removed plastic straws and single use plastic cutlery from all our Asia resorts, and replaced them with paper or reusable ones. Moreover, paper straws are only provided upon request as part of our “Straw on Request” policy, which has been in place for a few years. At Club Med Phuket alone, we’ve already seen a decrease of approximately 1,000 straws per day!

Our aim is to have removed all straws globally by 2019.


Specialising in buffets for over 60 years, we’ve always sought to limit the amount of food that is wasted. We’ve therefore acquired specific know-how to make our buffets generous and tasty, yet reasonable.

Our new innovative technology, Winnow, has helped reduced food wastage by 56% at Club Med Bali. This program is currently being rolled out across our Asian resorts.

Find out more about Winnow


For 10 years, we’ve been working with the NGO Agrisud, who is supporting local farmers to implement agro-ecological practices (eg, pesticide-free) and facilitating their access to the market.

Globally, about over 400 agro-ecological farms worldwide supply some Club Med Resorts allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint, promote human exchanges with producers, and ensuring all of our guests get access to fresh, seasonal and pesticide-free food.

At Club Med Bali, we’re working with the cooperative Bukit Mesari since 2014. Everyday they provide us with vegetables such as radish, lettuce, carrots, mint, beet, etc. Our close relationship with them allows us to tailor our menus according to each delivery, using only products that are in season. And in 2018, we’ve been able to fund a water tank to help them during the dry season!

This partnership is one of the key milestones of our sustainable food offer. In Club Med Bali, your tastebuds will go on an extraordinary journey, discovering the local culinary culture and local delicacies at our buffets.

Thanks to our cooking lessons with local chefs, you will even be able to continue the journey back home!

Learning about plants, nature and nutrition

Our “Super Radish” programs and Pedagogical Gardens* sensitize children to healthy and responsible nutrition, teaching them about plants’ needs and how to grow fresh vegetables.

The children are invited to take care of the plants, discover how they grow and are educated on the concept to avoid food waste.

*In Bali, Marrakech, Opio, Guilin

Encouraging mutual cultural exchange

Your little ones get to make new friends from all over the world! Local kids are invited to come play at Kids Club – playing local games in small groups, creating artwork and painting together, learning a few words in their different languages. Friendship has no borders! In Bali, kids from Bali Life (or other institutions) are also invited.

Signature #67 : Friends From Around The World

The Club Med Foundation

The Club Med Foundation is celebrating its 40th anniversary!

In our resorts and offices around the world, thousands of G.Os give their time, their goodwill and their expertise in support of local charitable projects. Since 1978, they've taken action in the areas of childhood, social action, education programs, integration through sport, and sustainable development, investing themselves in more than 140 different projects. For 40 years, the Club Med Foundation has supported their commitment.

In Bali, we are supporting the NGO Seeds of Hope, Agrisud as well as Bali Life, through material and financial donation as well as regular invitations to the resorts.

During your stay in Club Med Bali, fundraising and playful activities will be offered in the program to allow guests to support our Foundation partners as well.


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