Interview: Taryn Brumfitt, author, film director & mother

on embracing your body, setting a positive example, & having your best family holiday yet

Q. You’ve had quite a busy start to the year! Tell us a little bit about what’s been happening in your world over the past few months.

3 A recent study* found that a staggering 40% of shared ‘family time’ is spent checking smart devices, and parents are looking towards holidays as a chance to spend quality time with their loved ones. Is that one of your major travel motivators? Did this holiday allow you to spend quality time with your family?

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5 The mark of a successful holiday is one that caters for every member of the family, allowing you to spend time together, but also to have precious time with yourself and partner. Did Club Med tick all these boxes for you?

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7 You’re a big believer in being your true, authentic self on social media. Why is this so important and how do you approach this with your own family?

9 Did you feel that Club Med enables people to be their ‘best self’ while on holiday?

11 You speak about finding ‘Sparkle Moments’ in life. Did you experience any on your holiday?

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