Little guests, big smiles

The perfect family holiday

with Club Med

Choosing the perfect family holiday destination can be a challenge. From kids clubs and snorkeling, to spa treatments, golf and yoga, every family member has their own unique idea of the ultimate holiday. Luckily, Club Med Premium All-Inclusive package t…

Happy kids Equals happy parents

Kids Clubs for all ages: big fun for little ones

At Club Med, we offer Kids Clubs for children aged 4 months to 17 years, from 9:00am – 5:30pm. Your children will make friends with other children from all around the world while discovering new sports, new cultures and so much more!


Making family holidays easy

The best part of your holiday is the people you spend it with

A Club Med holiday is the best way to reconnect with the family, offering plenty of sun and snow activities to try together, as well as a wide range of services to help you make the most of your time together.


A typical day at Club Med

Creative and outdoor fun for all ages

From cooking classes in our Kids Clubs, to family flying trapeze sessions, your kids' day will be filled with surprises. At Club Med, every day is a different day!


Our pricing for kids

Special rates for special guests

Whether they are 4 months or 17 years old, we offer a range of rates for toddlers, kids and teenagers. This is one of our ways to declare our love for families!


Pioneers of kids club

They're going to love their kids holiday

You’re going to love seeing them smile

If so many parents trust us with their holidays, it’s because they know their children are going to leave happy and having grown personally with our professional holiday childcare. Whether 4 months or 17 years old, we offer tailored activities and facilit…


Leave your kids in expert hands

All our Kids Club G.Os have substantial experience in childcare, are First Aid qualified and undergo CPR training every six months. In addition, our Kids Clubs managers must hold a diploma or higher in Childcare and have worked previously as Childcare team managers, while all Baby Club Managers must hold a Certificate 3 in Children Services.

Baby Club Med: activities suitable for 4 to 23 month-olds

in a calm and comfortable environment.

During the day, our G.O®s welcome the smallest of guests at “Baby Club Med®”, a space created exclusively for children aged 4 to 23 months of age. Outdoor walks, nursery rhymes, motor skill techniques, music appreciation…The activities are adapted to the age of each child, but also to the seasons and the surroundings of the Resort. And when it’s time to eat, your baby can eat with the G.Os® and other Baby Club Med® kids, or share this time with you.

The Baby Welcome®

the concept that makes your holiday more Zen

Available in Resorts featuring a Baby Club Med®, the Baby Welcome® service lets you enjoy both less baggage and peace of mind. Baby beds, a bathtub, bottle warmers, trolleys…All the childcare equipment you need is waiting for you right in your room. Pleasant and modern changing rooms are also available 24 x 7 in the Resort communal spaces.

For meals, you get to choose

because each of their days are never quite the same

- The Baby-Corner: this restaurant area features an assorted buffet and a choice of small savoury and sweet jars with a blender, bottle warmer, and microwave.

- The Baby Restaurant: a restaurant created just for kids, where the little ones can enjoy delicious and balanced meals prepared for them, with you or as part of Baby Club Med.

- The “Biberonneries”: here you’ll find all you need to prepare your baby’s dishes, 24 x 7: a steriliser, bottle warmer, microwave, mineral water, small jars…

because each of their days are never quite the same

At night, the Pyjamas Club® takes care of your baby

During this time, you're free to do what you like

In Resorts featuring a Baby Club Med®, G.Os® specialising in early childhood are available to babysit between 7 and 11 p.m. as part of the “Pyjamas Club®”. Nursery rhymes, stories, games for falling asleep…The littlest ones are lullabied to sleep in a cocoon of gentleness while you enjoy your evening without an ounce of worry. You can also reserve a personalised babysitting service.

Petit Club Med: Club Med for 2-3 year olds

Where they can discover the world and learn about others

We’ve created a Club Med especially for our smaller guests so they can have just as much fun as their parents! Called “Petit Club Med®”, it offers children aged 2-3 age-appropriate activities featuring sports, crafts, expression, and games. Supervised by our dedicated G.Os®, they’ll have the chance to discover sporting activities, masquerade games, and even take part in a show…
Children have fun, learn confidence, and open their minds to others in an environment designed exclusively for them.

Familiar with the Baby Gym?

On offer: games and motor skills

Let’s get to it! An escapade around the mini-trampoline, then it’s off to the play mat and its contrasting textures...Nothing beats a fun and colourful motor function technique for learning coordination and balance, finding one’s bearings, understanding how to handle obstacles, and becoming conscious of one’s body. This is the principle behind the Baby Gym, an activity designed especially for toddlers’ developing motor skills. Included in your package, it is also offered as part of the Petit Club Med® activities.

Tiny taste buds become great ones

we take as much care in preparing their meals as we do your own

- The Baby-Corner: a corner buffet designed for our smallest guests with fresh dishes or ingredients you can mix yourself; featuring a blender, bottle warmer, and microwave…

- The Baby Restaurant: a location and menu created just for kids. Foodies in the making discover culinary delights with their parents or the Petit Club Med® G.Os®.

- The “Biberonneries”: a steriliser, bottle warmer, microwave, mineral water, small jars…Here you’ll find all you need to prepare your baby’s dishes, both day and night.

In need of childcare?

We're there for you, day and night

You can choose between two different childcare options, depending on your Village:

- The “Pyjamas Club®”: collective childcare organised by qualified G.O®s between 7 and 11 p.m. Gentle activities, a peaceful setting: everything is done to help the little ones get ready for a good night’s sleep. Offered in a variety of Villages, the Pyjamas Club® is not included in the all-inclusive package.

- Individual babysitting: during the day; or for even more personalised care, you can also reserve our babysitting service à la carte.

The Pyjamas Club® and babysitting are not included in the all-inclusive package.

Welcome to Mini Club Med®

sharing, discovery, and emulation

The Mini Club Med® experience adapts both to your childrens' ages and to their continually blossoming personalities. Divided into three age groups (4-5 years, 6-7 years, and 8-10 years), kids will explore activities organised by the G.Os® each day according to a programme featuring four themes: sports, creativity, expression, and games.

Flying trapeze, introduction to water skiing, horseback riding, cooking classes, plastic arts, music, dance, games, discovering nature, shows...All of the activities on offer at Mini Club Med® are included in your all-inclusive package.

Is it time for lunch yet?

at Mini Club Med® or by your side

At Mini Club Med®, everything is arranged so that guests take their meals and snacks in the company of G.Os® at the Baby Restaurant. But you’re also free to spend this time with your child: nothing is mandatory. Our Chefs take extra care to develop dishes that cater to the needs of each age group, and above all that are mouth-wateringly delicious. Even the fussiest little gourmets will have no trouble finishing their plates…

Shared moments between parents and children

Fun activities to share as a family

Shows, snacks, dance and cooking classes, sporting tournaments…Organised by Mini Club Med’s® G.Os®, these moments allow parents and kids to rediscover one another by taking part in activities together. You might get to see your little boy lose all his shyness once he’s on stage, or your older daughter, who’s ever so reserved at home, exhibit the traits of a natural-born leader…

Lessons à la carte

Little athletes, this is for you!

- Golf lessons (8 years and older): 1.5 hours per day for three days to learn the basics of or polish up on a swing, all while having loads of fun.

- Tennis lessons (7 years and older): for one hour per day for three days, discover the secret techniques of the small yellow ball and sharpen your game.

- Pony lessons (4 years and older): two hours per day for six days, kids will be introduced to the joys of horseback riding featuring riding, walking, and recovery techniques.

New custom-made spaces

Designed especially for them

When you’re a teenager, you want your own space, away from the adults…and kids. At home, it’s their room; at Club Med, it’s the Passworld®. A cool and modern space custom-made for 11 to 17 year-olds by famous designers.

Open during the day during school holidays, the Passworld® features specific sporting and artistic activities in which your children can choose to participate or not, with other youth their own age and supervised by qualified G.Os®: film design, mixing, a DJ booth, dance floor, video games…

A great Club Med classic

between sport and discovery

Depending on the destination: wakeboarding, flying trapeze, beach parties, evenings at the cinema…every day, Junior Club Med’s dedicated G.O®s offer 11 to 17 year-olds a variety of creative and sporting activities, and there’s never any obligation to participate (after all, a poolside nap is quite nice too).
A great Club Med classic, Junior Club Med features an intelligent mix of socialisation, discovery, and autonomy…always enlivened by the G.O®s' positive vibes.

Lessons à la carte

Teenagers have access to all the same à la carte sporting lessons offered to adults. Golf, tennis, horseback riding, kite surfing, fitness, sailing, diving, scuba…Everything one needs to get their feet wet or polish up their skills, in small groups and with a vast range of sporting activities depending on the Resort and season.

Making family holidays easier

Family rooms

Interconnecting family rooms

At Club Med we offer different room options to cater to every family's needs, with interconnecting rooms from Club Rooms to Suites. Depending on the Resort, we offer interconnecting rooms which can cater to up to families of 6 people.

A safe playground

At club med we open the doors of a safe world to you and your kids :
• Infirmary service for consultation or medication
• Lifeguard (Main Pool and Kids pool)
• Security staff within the resort

*Opening hours may variate by resort

Plenty of activities to share with all the family

Relish uninterrupted family time with activities that appeal to everyone in the sun or in the snow. Snorkel through water gardens, stroll through nature trails or try you hand at sledding together.

Have fun in the sun

Sports and activities for the whole family

✔️ Flying trapeze
✔️ Tennis tournaments
✔️ Snorkeling tours
✔️ Family sailing
✔️ Kayaking trails
And so much more...

Discover them

Snow activities for everyone

Much more than ski

✔️ Family sledging
✔️ Snowshoe trails
✔️ Bobsled
✔️ Snowball fight
✔️ Snowman competitions
And so much more...

Discover them

The best baby & toddler facilities

Professional childcare service & Facilities

At Club Med, we understand taking your children on holidays requires packing lots of things so as part of our Baby Welcome Service we offer the following childcare suppliers in the room include: crib, changing mat, baby bath & bottle warmer. In the main resort we also offer: catering and restaurant furniture (highchairs or boosters), folding strollers, changing areas in common areas, toiletries* and nappies*at the Club Med Boutique. Please enquire for resort specific details.

Day and night baby-sitting

Childcare available at any hour

At Club Med we offer babysitting during the day and night. Babysitting is managed by a third party supplier. At Club Med we also offer Pyjamas Club Med service whereby children are supervised by the G.O staff during the evenings. Both services are available at extra cost and subject to availability. Please enquire for resort specific details.

Fussy teenager – No worries

Passworld and Junior’s Club Med

At Club Med we offer teenagers an exclusive space to hang out with games, activities, books and music. Teenagers are encouraged to join the snow, water and land sport lessons including flying trapezes, water-skiing, snowboarding, sailing, golf etc…

Meal times made easy

Professional childcare service & facilities

At Club Med we offer a reserved area in our restaurants to prepare children’s meals (blenders, microwaves etc). We also offer reserved dining areas for parent’s wand children that promoted healthy eating. Finally we have baby feeding rooms open 24 hours a day whereby parents can use all the necessary tools and utensils (bottle warmers, blenders, sterilizers). Please enquire for resort specific details.

A typical day at Club Med Bali

Morning dip in the turquoise sea to start the day the best way

Artistic expression during a painting session in the Petit Club

Family reunion around a delightful lunch with local specialties

Enjoying the new splash park and making friends from around the world

Competing the whole family in a tennis tournament

Gourmet diner by the local evening entertainment

Our Pricing For Kids


And we will take good care of them

Travelling with babies is a delightful experience when the family is welcomed in the right conditions.

With us, Kids stay free under 4 years old, all around the world, including for Ski holidays.
Plus, for our Sun Resorts in Mauritius, Europe, Africa, The Americas and The Caribbean, the offer is extended and Kids stay free under 6 years old*.

*Toddlers stay free all year round in our Sun resorts in Asia & Club Med Kani; In other resorts, the price for Toddlers can be 75% off the adult rate on some limited high season dates.