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With over 70 resorts in the world's most beautiful destinations, and 65 years' heritage in pioneering incredible holidays, a destination wedding at Club Med is like no other.

A Club Med wedding offers everything your dream wedding should: a romantic, aw…


Beautiful, Romantic, Exotic & Unforgettable

Dreaming of a wedding on the shores of the Maldives, or in an Ice Chapel in Japan’s snow fields? At Club Med, we have the best locations in the world's most beautiful destinations, from the Indian Ocean to Asia and the Americas.

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The easiest way to plan a wedding

Our wedding packages include everything from start to finish, from a photographer, to a make-up artist, and celebrant. Plus, Club Med turns wedding days into holidays with our all-inclusive package, featuring gourmet meals, an open bar, sports and activities included with Club Med.

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A wedding as unique as you are

Your tailor-made wedding

No couple is the same, and your wedding is a celebration of your uniqueness. Customise everything from the bouquet to the centrepieces, his boutonniere, and more. And, whether if you’re after an intimate or extravagant wedding, or if your wedding is 6 months or 1 year away, we’ll bring it to life.

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Expert local partners

Because your special day deserves the best

You deserve the best for your special day. Our trusted wedding partners around the world have local expertise and contacts to turn your dream wedding into a reality.

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It's all included

From your wedding day to your holiday

When you plan your wedding with us, everything is included from your wedding day to your holiday. Let us take care of everything for you, from your wedding to your stay and your honeymoon, so you can focus on what’s important: celebrating each magical mom…

All-inclusive Wedding Package

✓ Unlimited support and wedding planning assistance
✓ Pre-wedding meeting
✓ Celebrant
✓ Make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer
✓ Flower arch
✓ Bouquet for the bride
✓ Boutonniere for the groom
✓ Minister table decorated with flower centerpiece
✓ Fresh floral walkway
✓ Floral shower or confetti
✓ 1h30 photo session (40 edited photos and 300 unedited photos)
✓ Commemorative wedding certificate

Based on Kani's Premium Wedding Package. Additional wedding packages available upon request.

Finolhu Villas, Maldives

Paradise redefined

Your once-in-a-lifetime event deserve a once-in-a-lifetime destination... Welcome to the Finolhu Villas, an eco-chic paradise set on an exclusive island. Celebrate your love in barefoot luxury, where beauty and design are elegantly combined for an explosion of the senses.

Your wedding at Club Med Finolhu Villas

All-inclusive holiday package

✓ 30 minute speedboat ride from Male International Airport
✓ Exclusive eco-friendly island with white sand, and turquoise oceans
✓ Rooms: Luxurious overwater sunrise, sunset, and beach villas
✓ Personalised dedicated butler service
✓ Dining and bars: 1 fine dining restaurant, 2 bars, private dinners on the beach or in-villa*
✓ Freeflowing champagne from 6pm
✓ 1 swimming pool, plus private plunge pools in all villas
✓ Access to Club Med Kani, with an array of sports and marine activities

Kani, Maldives

Endless turquoise playground

A postcard-perfect destination set amidst crystal clear oceans... Club Med Kani is an endless turquoise paradise, where your special day becomes a holiday. Celebrate and play in the vibrant beauty of the Maldives, where every day is an adventure and every moment is incredible.

Your wedding at Club Med Kani

All-inclusive holiday package

✓ 30 minute speedboat ride from Male International Airport
✓ Exclusive island with a turquoise lagoon, white sandy shores, and overwater swings
✓ Rooms: Overwater Suites, Deluxe Rooms, and Club Rooms
✓ Exclusive Manta Space, with a concierge service and freeflowing champagne from 6pm
✓ Dining and bars: 3 restaurants, 2 bars, private dinners on the beach*
✓ Play in paradise with snorkelling, beach yoga, overwater swings, coral rebuilding, and other marine sports
✓ Childcare available from 4 y/o

Albion, Mauritius

Luxury surrounded by nature

An unspoilt cove nestled between palm trees and a coral reef... Discover a sun-soaked paradise for your destination wedding at Club Med La Plantation d'Albion. Celebrate your magical day in a breathtaking setting, then enjoy world-renowned Mauritian hospitality for your reception and holiday.

Your wedding at Club Med Albion

All-inclusive holiday package

✓ 60 minutes by car from Mauritius International Airport
✓ Luxury resort amidst beautiful landscaped gardens, where the warmth of Mauritian culture comes to life
✓ Rooms: Villas, Suites, Deluxe Rooms, and Club Rooms
✓ Dining: 2 restaurants, and 3 bars (including freeflowing champagne from 6pm)
✓ 3 pools, including one Zen Pool
✓ Enjoy flat oceans perfect for snorkelling, sailing, kayaking, and scuba diving*
✓ Kids Clubs from 2 years* to 17 years
✓ Access to Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers

Tomamu Hokkaido, Japan

Ride a different wave

Say "I do" in an elegant chapel constructed of ice, as snowflakes gently falls... We'll bring your winter wonderland wedding to life at Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido. Beautiful landscaped meets modern Japanese design in our snow resort, making for an unforgettable celebration with your loved ones.

Your wedding at Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido

All-inclusive holiday package

✓ 90 minutes by bus from New Chitose Airport
✓ Resort with chic design, nestled at the foot of the slopes
✓ Rooms: Suites, Deluxe Rooms, and Club Rooms
✓ Dining: 2 restaurants, and 2 bars (with Japanese whisky and sake)
✓ Ski slopes: 22km of ski runs, including 4 black, 14 red, 10 green, 1 beginner
✓ Ride a different wave with Japan's largest indoor wave pool, and a local ice village with an ice bar, and ice slides
✓ Unwind with snowshoeing, snow trekking, or a traditional Japanese ofuro (sauna)
✓ Ski and snowboard lessons from 3 y/o, all levels from beginners to advanced

Bali Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Harmony between culture and modernity

Share your special day with loved ones beneath lush coconut groves, on the island of harmony. Club Med Bali Nusa Dua blends Balinese culture with modernity, delivering the perfect combination of traditional elegance and contemporary chic for your wedding.

Your wedding at Club Med Bali

All-inclusive holiday package

✓ 30 minutes by car from Denpasar International Airport
✓ Modern resort on Nusa Dua's coast, set over 14 hectares of lush palm trees
✓ Rooms: Suites, Deluxe Rooms, and Club Rooms
✓ Dining and bars: 2 restaurants, 4 bars
✓ 3 swimming pools, including 1 Zen Pool
✓ Discover Balinese culture, with local cuisine, Balinese shows, and arts and crafts*
✓ Endless adventures with flying trapeze, snorkelling, kayaking, windsurfing, yoga on the beach

Phuket, Thailand

Heart of Thai vibrancy

Begin the next chapter of your lifes together in the Land of Smiles, where the vibrance of Thai culture comes alive. Fall in love with each other and with the beauty of Kata Bay: at Club Med Phuket, every moment is filled with happiness, celebration, and discovery.

Your wedding at Club Med Phuket

All-inclusive holiday package

✓ 60 minutes by car from Phuket International Airport
✓ Vibrant Thai resort surrounded by hectares of lush green fields, perched on Kata Bay
✓ Rooms: Suites, Deluxe rooms, and Club rooms
✓ Dining and bars: 2 restaurants, 2 bars
✓ 4 swimming pools including 1 Zen pool
✓ Chase adventure and culture with Thai boxing, snorkelling, flying trapeze, scuba diving*, and Thai cooking classes*
✓ Kids Clubs from 4 months - 17 years*

Cancun Yucatán, Mexico

Ancient civilisations Endless adventures

Pristine white sand beaches with magnificent sunsets, and ancient Mayan ruins steeped in history... If you're looking for the perfect blend of romance, culture and adventure, Club Med Cancun Yucatán is the perfect wedding destination.

Your wedding at Club Med Cancun

All-inclusive holiday package

✓ 20 minutes by car from Cancun International Airport
✓ Resort situated at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, just a stone's throw away from ancient Mayan wonders
✓ Rooms: Suites, Deluxe Rooms, and Club Rooms
✓ Dining: 3 restaurants, and 3 bars
✓ 2 pools, including one children's pool
✓ Discover vibrant Mexican culture, world wonders, and marine sports galore from snorkelling to waterskiing
✓ Exclusive 5T Space, Jade, with private lounge and private Zen Pool
✓ Kids Clubs from 2 years* to 17 years

A once-in-a-lifetime destination

For a once-in-a-lifetime event

As pioneers in incredible holidays, Club Med have the best spots in the world’s most beautiful destinations. Celebrate your love with your closest friends and family, in a breathtaking setting.

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