Everyone remembers their childhood family holidays. Whether it’s fun and games in the pool or that special destination that took your breath away, looking back on those treasured memories never fails to put smiles on faces.

Here are our favourite reasons why you just can’t beat a family holiday.

1. The giggles

There’s nothing quite like having a laugh with your family to bring you all together, and family holidays can give you plenty to laugh about: pretending to be octopuses in the pool, watching the kids deliver one-liners at the weekly show, or seeing grandad’s face when he tries durian for the first time. Laughing helps release endorphins that make you feel good, that’s why giggling together as a family is so important.

2. Reconnecting with your family

Family holidays are a time to relax, reconnect and enjoy each other’s company. At home, your family may be busy working, heading off to school or spending time with friends, so it’s easy to forget to find that all-important down time with each other. By taking a well-deserved break you can focus on reconnecting and being together, without any intrusions.

3. Creating memories

Remember the trip where you first jumped into a pool? Or learned to ride your bike without stabilisers? Or when you saw a monkey for the first time? Taking a break with the family gives you the time and opportunity to discover new memorable moments. Whether it’s teaching your kids to swim, playing games on the beach, or watching the sunset together, you’ll be creating lifelong memories for you and children.

4. Fun photos

We’ve all got funny photos from holidays with family and friends. Photographs are a great way to capture your favourite holiday moments, ready to look back and remember all the fun you had together. When you return home, you can share your favourite photos with your friends or even put them in a photo album to celebrate your trip and create a special keepsake the whole family can enjoy for years to come.

5. Bringing friends together

Take your family holiday to the next level by booking with another family. Not only will your children have playmates to run about with all day, but also you’ll have some adult conversation to enjoy while you laze together around the pool. You could also save money by splitting the bill on extras such as car hire and group outings.

6. Widen your horizons

As creatures of habit, we often return to places we’ve enjoyed before. However, travelling as a family is the perfect opportunity to explore and give your children valuable insights into different cultures. Whether it’s trekking through the desert in Tunisia, discovering the world-renowned cuisine of Italy, or learning to surf in Bali, family holidays can enrich your family and widen your horizons.