Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean offers a host of remote islands between South Africa and south-west Australia. Step into a new world of dreamy tropical beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, mythical beach huts and the most clement of climates. Time has no meaning among such natural beauty, but relaxation is everything.

With stunning beaches, turquoise lagoons and impressive reefs, the Maldives can be appreciated both on land and under the water. The island nation's untouched natural environments are sure to amaze you, and the balmy waters mean you can leave your wetsuit at home!

from IDR 3 036 600 instead of IDR 5 001 000 Per night per adult*



The past and present are intertwined in Mauritius, a little corner of peaceful paradise floating in the clearest of azure waters. Enjoy the host of activities on offer here, or simply unwind on the beach. What more could you wish for?