Come to Europe to discover its rich history and varied landscapes where castles dotting rolling green vistas give way to majestic Alpine mountains. Culture and heritage fans will be delighted by its world-renowned museums, and for those looking for idyllic beaches, Europe offers miles of stunning coastline.

Land of art and culture, France's medieval and coastal cities, quaint villages, mountains and beaches make it a vacation destination like no other. Learn the art of living thanks to its high fashion, fine cuisine, vintage wine and more. And don't forget to visit the iconic Eiffel Tower!

Blue-green seas and untouched ruins welcome visitors to Greece, the birthplace of democracy. The Aegean and Ionian Seas are dotted with islands, each boasting a singular culture and geography. An invitation to discovery.

Come to Italy to enjoy its magnificent Mediterranean coastline, ancient heritage, and world-renowned gastronomic traditions. You'll never forget your vacation in Italy, where the old blends into the new so harmoniously.

Portugal's seafaring past is no surprise when you consider its lengths of beautiful coastline. Dunes stretching out into the distance, golden sands and stunning vistas all await you. Taste the uncomplicated, yet delicious food, and enjoy the company of the welcoming and low-key Portuguese people.

Enjoy a wide range of activities on this Mediterranean island, whose varied landscape is made up of sea, mountains and volcanoes. Sicily's beauty is second to none, and it boasts a most unique history, waiting to be discovered by culture enthusiast.

Find a surprising mix of cultures in Turkey, and admire its impressive scenery and long historic heritage. The country makes its mark with treasures such as Cappadocia with its pristine beauty, Mediterranean beaches, a mild climate, and the remarkable city of Istanbul.