A study in contrasts, Africa offers a mix of the traditional and contemporary. With vistas ranging from arid deserts to tropical forests, huge savannas, and remains of ancient civilizations lying in the heart of dynamic capitals, you are guaranteed the ultimate welcome, an omnipresent sun and deliciously spicy food.

Morocco offers a host of treasures to be discovered, with snow-capped peaks, wild coasts, and the oases and palm groves in the endless Sahara. Enjoy sweet mint tea in a riad, try to find your way through historic medinas and souks and visit the country on camel back.

Be astounded by the beauty of the landscapes found in Senegal. The country, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, boasts dynamic, colorful and gracious cities to the north and coconut groves, fine-sand beaches, fascinating dives and the ultimate in relaxation to the south.

Ancient and modern cultures coexist harmoniously in Tunisia, such as the Carthage ruins and contemporary city Ottoman Tunis. It is also the ideal vacation destination with the expansive Sahara dunes and the glistening Mediterranean Sea washing up on golden-sand beaches. What more could you wish for?